Take full advantage of this high income strategy!
12-Week Serviced Accommodation Accelerator:
Generate Income Through Property Without Mortgages,
Ownership or Large Starting Capital.
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Course begins Wednesday 11th Oct 23

A programme built for your success:

Welcome to the SA Accelerator

A 12-week hands-on programme led by Tracy Cartland-Ward.

Tracy will become your personal mentor for 12 weeks sharing everything she knows and is using in todays market for serviced accommodation. This includes the strategy, the tools and the processes for you to gain clarity, build momentum and be in discussions (or even onboarding) about properties for use as service accommodation, within the 12 weeks of the programme.

Lets face it, many investors today are facing problems with:
  • Traditional buy to let not stacking up
  • Cashflow issues due to rate rises on existing portfolio properties
  • Lack of funds for traditional purchase
  • Struggling to raise private finance
  • Some of you are even struggling with getting mortgages, in the current climate

  • After 15 years in property, with much of her capital sitting in larger deals rent to serviced accommodation (R2SA) is one of Tracy’s key strategies for todays market.

    See the our story video below for what Tracy and her clients have been doing with this strategy in 2023
    Request a call with Tracy, to discuses more about how this strategy could be generating five figures within three months of creating your business.

    If you’re still not sure this is for you, check out the intro videos, course details and FAQs below.

    What's covered in the course

    Over the 12-week programme, we will be focusing on the 5 Steps for generating a six figure property business using the Serviced Accommodation strategy. The programme is designed to get you income from property as quickly as possible, using a hands-on, results focused process.

    Over the 12 weeks, you’ll get everything you need to succeed from the the 5 step income generating process:

    1. Finding and analysing deals
      • Identifying location
      • Locating properties
      • Analysing the deals
      • Closing the contracts

    2. Onboarding properties
      • Identifying & sourcing additional inventory
      • Staging the property
      • Sourcing cleaners & maintenance
      • Providing property access for guests

    3. Marketing your product
      • Understanding the OTA partnership
      • Perfect property listings
      • Market pricing
      • Creating guest guides

    4. Operating and managing the business
      • Managing bookings
      • Guest communication
      • Identity checks
      • Scheduling changeovers

    5. Automating the systems
      • Pricing & bookings
      • Guest communication
      • Deposits and payments
      • Cleaning & changeover

    Exclusive bonuses

    Meet your property mentor

    Tracy Cartland-Ward

    Tracy is a well-known and highly successful UK and international property speaker and mentor. Her expertise in both property and business, coupled with her focus on mind mastery, allow Tracy to offer a unique approach to growth and development.

    Tracy’s own property portfolio boasts an impressive range, from BTLs and HMOs to large commercial ventures and serviced accommodation, all financed through diverse strategies.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    How does the programme work? What’s involved?

    This is a 12-week online programme, commencing Wednesday 11th October 2023. There will be online training modals with live Zoom calls, and necessary tools for the full 12 weeks. This includes 24/7 group communication with Tracy so you never get stuck. Bear in mind even Tracy needs sleep.

    Tracy is an active investor in this space, who is implementing what she teaches – the material provided and the actions you will undertake are what Tracy is doing herself!
    Can full time workers manage this programme?

    Yes! All online sessions are kept at evening hours to avoid most peoples work schedule/day jobs. You must commit your personal time however, to implement the content and get the practical activities done each week.
    How much will this cost?

    The price for the full 12 week course is £1,995 inc. VAT if paid in full before the deadline of midnight on Tuesday 10th October 2023.
    A payment plan is available for 3x monthly payments of £725 inc. VAT.

    This includes life time access to the recordings of all your sessions and the tools and templates used throughout the course.
    Is this programme only for Rent to Serviced Accommodation?

    No, if you prefer to purchase properties for your serviced accommodation business, then everything you learn is applicable for a Buy2SA strategy.
    However, when buying the timeframe to generate income is lengthened due to the UK conveyancing prosses.
    Still got questions?

    Click the button below to request a call with Tracy.