Over the last 10 years years witnessing countless successes (as well as her fair share of spectacular failures!), Tracy has come to one conclusion… being successful in property is about speed of implementation.The biggest difference Tracy sees, between the people who thrive and those who rarely survive, is that leaders in our field perform under pressure and simply get more done than everyone else.  In the majority of cases it’s not about the level of skill they have or even their knowledge of property.

Whether you are looking to:

  • Gain basic help through free knowledge with our NEW level membership
  • Increase your knowledge through access to our Bi-Weekly Sessions and Masterclass recordings.
  • Perfect your performance and knowledge with MASTERMIND Days for Business, Property and Personal Development, or
  • Seriously develop yourself and your business over the next twelve months, as a PRIVATE CLIENT working directly with Tracy.

There are membership levels to suit all. Knowing which level is right for you, is simply a matter of asking yourself… 

“Where do you want to be in the next twelve months?”   

MASTERMIND from £200 per month

For those of you that know the “What To” but not the “How To”, when it comes to maximising your return from the  investment you have already made into your property education:

  • ON-DEMAND recordings of all our Bi-Weekly Book of Shadows Sessions, including the back catalogue.

  • Membership to the EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP “The Witch Property Coven”.

  • Inclusion on the EXCLUSIVE WHATSAPP Group, for support and connection with other Mastermind members.

  • Online attendance to our Bi-Weekly MASTERMIND Q&A session.

  • ON-DEMAND recordings of all our Bi-Weekly “Grimoire” Mastermind Q&A sessions, including the back catalogue 

  • ON-DEMAND recordings to over 60 hours of our “How To” Masterclass trainings.

  • BOLT-ON the HOMESEARCH residential property prospecting and analysis system (additional £25 per Month)

  • MONTHLY Business & Property Mastermind Day (Online)

  • MONTHLY Personal Development Mastermind Day (Online)

  • Access to the entire KNOWLEDGE base, with over 100 hours of recordings, downloadable documents and templates (inc. Back Catalogue)

  • Minimum Commitment 6 months

    £225 per month or £1,200 advance payment for six-months (exc. VAT)

    PRIVATE CLIENT from £417 per month

    For the HIGH ACHIEVERS that really want to increase their business & property income streams over the next 12 months.  

    Here at Witch Property, when you pay to be part of the  Private Clients Club, you really are a private client… 

    ALL of your one-to-one sessions are with Tracy.

    When clients are making this kind of investment, we believe that should mean you get the knowledge, guidance and time from the founder of the organisation, rather than be assigned to a coach that is overseen by a senior partner.

  • ALL of the benefits of MASTERMIND membership, plus

  • BOLT-ON the HOMESEARCH residential property prospecting and analysis system (additional £20 per Month)

  • Exclusive discounts to residential all inclusive residential retreats

  • FREE Business/Life Partner Access to all Bi-Weekly, Mastermind and ONE-to-ONE sessions (effectively 2-for-1 membership!)

  • ONE-to-ONE MONTHLY MENTORING (90 minutes with Tracy, online or in person if you want to visit South Yorkshire!)

  • TRACY on TAP… (What!  – Yep that right access direct to Tracy pretty much 24/7)

  • We truly believe this is the most comprehensive Mastermind Programme out there, for females in property today.

    To meet this bold statement and ensure that Tracy can serve each and every PRIVATE CLIENT to the highest level, access is limited to just 15 members.  Acceptance to this level is only agreed after a 30-Minute discovery call, where you and Tracy can discover if this is the right investment for you. 

    Minimum Commitment 12 months

    £500 per month or £5,000 advance payment for year (exc. VAT)